Puppy love- Tribute to the late Osman Abdi Dooh

I was a very naive girl growing up, mainly because my mother shielded me from the world with her big mother bird wings. I don’t think she thought I would ever grow up. But, when she saw my chest begin to protrude and boys flocking at our door step, she decided to have the talk. In short, she told me that boys get girls pregnant…how…was left to my imagination. I remember getting a very interesting love letter from some boy in the hood. I got goose bumps while reading it, freaked out and set it on fire. Another bought fries and sweets and had a girl friend of mine bring them over. After eating them, she told me who bought them and I rushed to the toilet and gagged! I didn’t want to get pregnant, haiya!

So, my family was transitioning from the good life to the not so good life and I chose to go to boarding school in primary. Of course our awesome teacher, Mr. Njoroge (Shout out to one Leornard Njoroge), taught us home science and the reproductive system. I got it, trust me! I passed home science with flying colors. I still had my imagination active. Boys=pregnancy! As adolescence checked in, knowing and liking boys became a thing. Dating a boy at that point was so cute and simple. A simple drawing or a sweet that he smuggled into school just to give you meant the world….sigh. How did life get so complicated?

I had my first heart break at the end of class 8. But that is when my knight in shinning armor came right in! His name was Osman Abdi, the late (May his soul rest in eternal peace). He sent me my first valentines gift in form 1! I had just joined high school two weeks prior, so imagine the amusement! We exchanged letters every so often as he was in a school close by. I felt so special. The term was tolerable, thanks to him. But as it came to an end, I received a letter from my beloved! It was all so sweet until he said that he wanted us to meet in Nakuru town so he could give me a big hug and a kiss as he had missed me so much. He said he would wait for me at the Molo line stage so we could do lunch and part ways as he lived in Narok sometimes and Nairobi occasionally. Shock!!!!!

I freaked OUT!!!! I remember crying through out the whole evening prep, drafting letter after letter to him. I jotted down “Dear Osman, Hope you are well. I cannot believe what you asked of me. I am sorry but I cannot meet you. I don’t want to get pregnant at 14!” I prayed and sent the letter to him. I dreaded that closing day! I literally hid behind people all the way to Nairobi. My mum has always been like my best friend. I got home and told her everything and she burst out laughing! She told me that when she met my sibling’s father, she did the exact same thing. She got a letter from him and ran home to tell her aunt that she was pregnant! Hahahaha, like mother like daughter by the way.

Well, she explained to me clearly how people get pregnant and I apologized to my oooh so loving boyfriend. Hahaha. We dated until his death…literally, death did us apart! So this is a tribute to a very beautiful soul. May his soul rest in eternal peace! Lesson: Even born taos are shady! Hahaha.


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