Nairobi is a very very interesting city. That is what I love most about it. Being born and raised here has given me so much exposure to all kinds of people. I have always kept an open mind in life. It is interesting listening to people and getting to understand them. I have had the opportunity to school with and work with people who belong to the LGBTI community. As individuals, I have met some very wonderful and brilliant people behind these labels.

I had to call up my friend to be able to write this up. Of course she had to go through it and critique it before I could publish (Saving face) Hahaha. I once met someone, not too long ago. I remember my friends going on and on about how handsome he was and how attracted they were to him. I took one look and trust me, these girls were not tripping over nothing. Very handsome indeed. We got to hang out and develop a relationship with this person and embrace “him”. Very spirited, funny, kind and friendly with just about everyone. Oh and the girls were literally throwing themselves at him.

So one day, I had a quick one on one with him as we whipped up some black coffee in an office. I was getting to know him after a few encounters and…boom! A bomb was dropped on me! She tells me she is a girl! Jaws dropped, sweat broke, shivers….I was very shocked. I had a million and one questions! Are you kidding? Why did you let us think you were a dude? Do you have boobs? Do you wear a bra? Do you use the gents or ladies? Why is your voice so deep? Are you straight or lesbian? Are you ok with people referring to you as a guy? I honestly cannot exhaust the number of questions I had for days. With time I got all these questions answered and enjoyed breaking the news with her. The reactions, PRICELESS! Hahaha.

Against all stereotypes we have against people with any other orientation than the usual “straight” one, we supported her as one of us, embraced her as a friend. This is all because we got to know her….as a guy first…but her personality first…HER! Everyone was left confused for a while of course, but not even those with phobias were hostile. People are so much more than the labels we give them. In her we all found a friend…

This is just my opinion, given that I know this is a very controversial topic world wide. I appreciate her, a very good friend of mine. We appreciate you! You know yourself. Now that you proof read this thing before I posted it, I hope you are glad I posted it and that you’re proud of me. Hahaha.


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