Left out- Family drama

I have had a lot of sad days in my life. Some so sad that they left me battling inside. When I was young, I remember playing outside and one kid telling me that I did not belong to my family because they are all Kikuyus and I am Kalenjin. I had to ask my mum why this was the case and I honestly respect her for telling me the truth at such a tender age. We are very close in our family…VERY! My youngest brother once locked up some kid in our store because he was harrassing me….yes…you better be warned. Kwetu kuna mbwa kali sana hahaha. My mum told me how she struggled in a violent marriage and walked away with three beautiful kids that she struggled to raise.

Years later she met my dad and fortunately or unfortunately, he had a family out there. I never really knew my dad. The only memories I have of him are countable and I was so afraid of him. He was a police commissioner. Very tall, well dressed and a man of few words. I loved the blend of grey hair he had. It was pretty cool with the uniforms and suits he wore. He was a man of few words and very rarely did we see him. He sent out a very authoritative vibe…the kind that makes you up and leave when he walks into the room. Oooh and he looooved himself some ugali and liver…and maziwa mala with ugali too. He hated that I’d put sugar in the mala. He said that I insulted the cows that produced it….well…born tao problems.

Well…he later passed on when I was in high school. I was so shocked, disappointed and hurt because I never really got to know him. I think at that point, I realized, its a cruel world. We went for the fund raiser for his funeral at Visa place. I remember being asked to sit at the back. I was so confused! My dad just died! Why did it feel like I walked into some stranger’s event? So I cried a river and my mum and siblings didn’t know how to explain things to me….how to tell me that, I was not considered his child.

But, I told you….we are very very close. My mum, brothers and sister all came together for me. They gave me a talk and reminded me that I have them and that is all that mattered. We fueled a car and went all the way to Sotik. They managed my expectations and I knew that I’d be a back bencher again…but we all had to say goodbye. The school I was in always sent a team to support the bereaved. I remember my brothers managing the students and teacher since they kept asking why I was not at the front. But I had to honor the man who gave me life. He was there for us when he could be. Because of this I know that its not about our names, our history and origin…My mum has done a spectacular job at mothering and fathering her kids and making them so close! That is family!


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