That fateful day!

During my younger days in life I was the dream child. Very obedient, honest, a faithful christian…in fact, a very loyal church goer. I was in the church youth dance class so, I was in church daily! I still had my main squeeze Osman, who was very supportive. Osman came from a typical Somali family (very clean and urban one though). He helped his parents out at their shop in Narok where they sold electronics. We spoke all day everyday and he expressed how boring Narok was for him. So someone in their area used to deliver miraa to Nairobi weekly. He was wise enough to get into a deal with this guy to hitch a ride and come see me then go back with him in the evening.

My whole family knew Osman…he was impossible to hate. Very cheerful, funny, shy and he had a way with mums…mine to be specific. Eventually, Osman enrolled for computer classes at Loita house for the holidays as he waited to join JKUAT for a course in IT or Engineering. We had just cleared high school and he did so well in sciences. So his parents let him relocate to his sister’s place in Lang’ata as he attended classes. It was like a dream come true! We could see each other anytime. I know my mum will come for my neck when she reads this, but I finally got my first kiss when he came to Nairobi! We even got robbed and he saved my life! Story for another day, hahaha.

So one afternoon, as we hang out with two of our close friends in Kasarani, who were also a couple by the way, we agreed to go for swimming the following Saturday. I was attending catechism classes so as to start per taking holy communion. On Thursday (2 days before our swimming date), my phone was stolen by a friend I made IN CHURCH! Again, story for another day! I had enrolled to play table tennis for the church (Osman taught me how to play all through primary and high school). I had no phone so I couldn’t reach him for 2 days. On Saturday morning, I went to play the tennis tournament as I waited to figure out how to get a phone and reach my friends.

I had this really sick feeling all night. The whole morning, I felt like my stomach wasn’t ok. As I sat on the bench waiting for my turn to play, the youth leader came and told me I had a phone call. I got so nervous…it was strange since we were not close. Who would call me on his phone? When I picked up, my friend Zarah was asking me to go back home, she had something to tell me. I rushed home wondering what was wrong. When I got there, I found my sister in the house and she broke the news. “Osman passed away last night in a road accident at the Mbagathi round about!” The shock was out of this world! I froze for a minute then burst out in tears. Before I could even sit down, I was told that I had to rush for his funeral at the mosque in South C! This was all like a messed up nightmare.

I made it for his funeral, but never got to see the body. I spent the afternoon with his family and it was too heart breaking. When I got home later that evening, my whole family was home to hold my hand through it. A young, beautiful soul gone too soon. He passed on on April 21st, 2006. May his soul rest in eternal peace, and his memory live on for a life time!


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