Kibra thugs.

I have had two horrible encounters with Kibra thugs. Those fellas are not a joke! The first encounter was when I was in form 4. There was a popular gig called chaguo la teeniz. It was the gig we ‘Nairobians’ bragged about attending through out the term in high school. Osman had come all the way from Narok for it and he called two days prior to make sure we met. The event had teenagers of all walks of life and was usually held at the Carnivore. I went with two girls, my sister inlaw and a neighbor. I remember doing a holiday job at my sister’s work place just so I can make enough money to pay for entrance for that gig.

After such an eventful afternoon, we decided to walk to the stage and get a matatu to town. There were so many people on the road so there was nothing to worry about. When we got to the stage, there were groups of young boys that were causing some commotion. We figured they were drunk, so we walked across the road and were waiting for a matatu. My friends were wise enough to hide all their valuables. I on the other hand, had my very nice alcatel phone sticking out of my jeans pocket. I was the perfect target. Osman saw the gang approach us. He quickly took out his wallet and phone, gave them to me and pushed me into the petrol station behind us and asked me to run.

I took off, no idea what was going on. I stopped at the pharmacy (now pizza inn) and looked back only to see him on the ground, getting the beating of a life time from so many boys. My sister in law courageously sat on him and blocked the blows as they took stuff from her and my friend. When they found nothing of value, they moved on to the next one leaving Osman wounded and bleeding on the ground. A gentle man who had witnessed all this while fueling his car signaled me and told me it was safe and we should leave quickly.

We walked down a few stages away, nursing Osmans bruises as I thanked him for saving me as we dealt with the shock. The gentleman from the petrol station quickly stopped next to us, window rolled down and shouted “Mnafuatwa! Ingieni haraka!” Damn fools came after us…when they saw me return of course. I had the phones and money! Good samaritan dropped us off at Mbagathi round about….far away from the thugs. I couldn’t stop tears from flowing. Shock and love…mixed emotions. That was the night I got my first kiss….Come on…it was literally the perfect moment. Like when super man saves Loise Lane and she is blown away by that heroic gesture. Who wouldn’t kiss the guy?! Hahaha.


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