New mum-One gory detail

Let me begin by saying, no class or intense training of any kind can teach anyone how to be a parent. You literally learn on the job. I was fortunate to have a number of experienced mothers around during my pregnancy and after getting my daughter. I visualize parenting, and a roller coaster comes to mind. There are extremely good and bad days. Some of the things you were taught may not work on your baby or you, others you handle how you know best and other people may not agree, but the end result is what matters. There’s no manual!

I spent a lot of time with young mums and they were going through so much, just like I was. This one story, I found unique and I feel I should share with my friends so that those who relate may not feel ashamed anymore. I am sure we have all seen the campaign Royal media has been carrying out about fistulas. Very many new mums go through this and marinate in shame, instead of telling people what they are going through, or seeing a doctor! Fistulas after child birth are usually as a result of long hours of labor during child birth. When the veins die, they collapse and fall out of the anal area. They are unbearably painful!

A couple of close friends of mine and even one of my hair dressers confessed to having suffered in silence. I consulted a bunch of friends who are medical practitioners who told me that they have to be surgically cut out, wounds left open to heal and the healing process takes up to 6 months as the area heals slowly. I did recently refer a friend to Kenyatta hospital as many do not even know what kind of doctor to see for this! The surgery helped her a lot. However, what people do not know is, do not feed a new mum ‘njahi’ and too much starchy foods!

A healthy and balanced diet always help mums for everything…be it milk, weight or even a simple thing like bowel movements. A lot of roughage and water are best for the new mum. There is no shame in consulting a doctor. I think mothers should speak up and help fellow mums, just so that they know that they are not going through this alone. I am doing this for a friend who I got consent from to speak on her behalf to other mums. I hope I help a mum or a mum to be out there.


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