First date as a new mum

For starters, let me explain exactly what goes through the mind of a single mum when she decides to get back in the game(I am open to more from those who can relate). My child, will the guy accept the fact that I am a mum, will he accept my child, then throw in some physique insecurities especially if one gains weight after the baby and maybe some sprinkles of low self esteem, lastly, how does dating work when you are a mum…logistics, logistics LOGISTICS! The pressure is out of this world! So, when I finally got back out there and was asked out on something that seemed like a date, I really went out of my way.

So this guy asked to take me out for a drink one Wednesday evening. I was really excited! I kept thinking, “bado niko na market!” Hahaha. My mum, who happens to be my number one cheer leader was equally excited. She agreed to watch my munchkin that evening and even encouraged me to have as much fun as possible…Ooh, she even asked me not to call when out because if I hear my baby crying in the back ground, maternal instincts would send me running back home! She has had 4 kids, she could tell when the crying meant something is wrong.

D-day finally came and I was in town early to prepare for this date. I had my best outfit on and some new sandals I just got. I usually don’t do weaves, but this was the day I broke out of my mediocre shell. I had to try new things! Human hair weave, manicure and pedicure, eye brows trimmed and make up on! Presentation is key! I arrived at the venue of the date, which happened to be this bar/restaurant in town called Zeep. I mention the name of the club because later, those who know it will understand the events of the night.

A friend of mine tagged a long just incase things hit the fan. She sat on the side lines though. So, there was Karaoke that night, which I love! After the first drink, I was relaxed and the night seemed to be going well at that point. I asked my friend to join us, which my date didn’t mind at all. At some point, I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and swung my heaps as I walked away…I knew he was watching, hahaha. The stairs at this place are metallic. I walked towards them and on the first step, in a split second, I slipped and literally glided to the bottom of the stair case on my bum! I heard a roar of laughter from the people who saw! I am not light skinned, but I can swear my cheeks turned pink. My sandal was damaged and I couldn’t walk in it anymore. As tears filled up my eyes, someone helped me up. I called my friend and asked her to join me at the washrooms so we can leave. Thank God for hand bags because she had an extra pair of condom shoes in her bag! A size bigger, lol, but its better than walking barefoot. I left and no amount of explaining would have made that date work past that point. I was down on luck. It still makes me laugh and turn pink from embarrassment to date! Please note, I have never gone back to Zeep after that night.


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