Old school discipline-My gangster mum

Last weekend, I was hanging out with friends and I noticed that one of them had some very prominent scars on both legs, just below his knees. When I asked him what happened, he told me that he fell down from a tree when he was 4 years old and broke both legs…as in the bones were sticking out of his skin (ouch). He told me how freaked out his mum was and the TLC she gave him until he recovered. I love my mum to bits but, she was so gangster on me hahaha. So I told him of this one time when my mum was unwell and she asked our neighbor Mama Wairimu to go to church with me.

We went to church and met Wairimu’s friend who invited us to Karen after church to hang out. I must have been around 10 or 11 years old. So, after church, we went to Karen. On arrival, we were carried out of the car, but all this while, I had no idea why. The host, after an awesome lunch, told us that her neighbors had waaaay better toys. She wanted us to head there and hang out before Mama Wairimu comes to pick us up. So, she gave us this strict instruction, “I will go out through the back. When I tell you to come out, run towards the gate and close it behind you!” So she went out through the back door.

Wairimu and I obediently ran to the gate, got out and pulled the gate shut when we got out. We took a few steps and the gate swung back open! All I remember seeing is some huge dogs (literally the same size as me then) with sharp and scary teeth running so fast towards us! Amidst screams, Wairimu stopped a car and jumped in. I on the other hand froze from the shock of watching those beasts running towards me. So…..I fainted! Yeah, that is kind’a like…my thing…I faint when shocked. When I came to, I was in a ditch, the big dog doing laps around me and a crowd at the top wondering whether I was dead. I closed my eyes lest the beast came and devoured me!

Finally, the host came with her parents and locked up the dogs, administered fast aid as I had lots of bruises and a dog bite on my chin…yeah…my chin…smh! Wairimu’s mum came and we headed home at 7pm. When I got home, my ailing mum got some strength from God knows where and she was waiting for me at the door with a belt. Even before I could explain, we were running around the house with her whooping me thoroughly. She noticed the bruises, but, she maintained the harsh look and asked what had happened. After narrating the whole story in tears, she sent me to bed. Gangster love, or is it tough love?! Lesson: Be home by 6pm means just that! I love you mum 🙂


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