A real man fathers his children

Human beings naturally give too much airtime and concentration on negative things. I recall a guy who had some temporary fame for going on social media and creating a platform for scorned women to tarnish the names of their dead beat baby daddies. Well, being a single mother, I am very familiar with the pains and struggles of raising a child a lone and I have been in that position where I am bitter and angry at the father of my baby for all the messed up decisions he made. But, why glorify mistakes?

I am fortunate to have met some amazing men in my life who are brothers and very good friends of mine. My brothers are fathers. Such amazing fathers, it literally melts my heart! My first born brother has even adopted kids…for the pure love of children! They are fathers to my daughter, she even calls one of them dad…I find it so cute! I have a friend I went to college with who had a baby by a lady I went to high school with. He is a single dad, an amazing one for that matter! He is the kind of dad who goes out of his way to spend time with his daughter, plays weird games with her, spoils her….she is literally daddy’s little princess. I know for a fact that these kids will grow up amazingly!

The other day, my nephew was on TV on a teen show called YOLO. My brother adopted him when he was in class 5. He is a very talented artist and he was show casing some drawings he had done. He gave a shout out to my brother and said he would like to thank his DAD for being his inspiration. It brought tears to my eyes. The rewards of good parenting. I dated a guy who had a son once, and that guy adored his boy. He did everything just so he could give his son the best and even now, he still does. A friend of a friend once told me of how devastated he is that his baby mama denies him his daughter and he adores her. I think its very attractive to see a man being a good dad…Like when walking in the mall and seeing dads carrying or holding their kids hands…Its just amazing!

Coming from me, who’s dad was never present, I want to appreciate all the men who do the right thing whether or not they are with their baby mamas. Mad respect! My advise to the ladies though. It’s never about you…its about that baby. Never deny a child his/her right to have a father because of your own selfish reasons. Lets appreciate good fathers!


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