#Birthdaythings- Best birthday ever!

When I was in high school, form 3 to be exact, one boring afternoon, I saw my brother’s car drive into the school compound. It was strange because we only had one visiting day and that was not it! The head teacher summoned me to her office, only to break the bad news to me that my father was no more. It was a very painful and confusing moment for me. So, when we came to Nairobi, we had a sermon at Good Shepherd church where we got to view his body before we travelled to bury him the next day. I have never gone back to that church because it scared me to some extent.

Yesterday was my birthday, and my daughter’s school had a christmas concert planned at Good Shepherd church. I had to face my fears and go there, be there for my little girl. The set up was beautiful, not as sombre as the last time I saw it. Many years later, my daughter stood at the very place my father’s coffin did and I felt like it meant the world to me to replace so much sorrow with so much joy and beauty. That was by far the best birthday gift I ever got! I literally teared up through out the whole concert as I watched my daughter look so grown up.

I was in absolute awe as I watched the kids perform a play that was so informative. Forget the lesson behind it, how on earth did these teachers get such tiny little people to memorize a script and songs with grammatical jargon?! Trust me, I was not the only parent who was so amused. I now have a profound respect for teachers! Especially those at my daughter’s school. Their music teacher had them play a song with flutes and I cannot even play an instrument to save my life. The most I can do is drum with a spoon and even that may still sound off beat! I salute all teachers.

Finally, I made a stop at the office with my daughter and all the love she got warmed my heart. I found a bouquet of flowers from my boss and my colleagues took a break off their busy schedule and spent the afternoon with my daughter. They made her hold a sign asking people to wish me a happy birthday, which I found absolutely hilarious! They also took photos of her…oooh, she loooooves photos! I hope she turns out just like ‘This is Ess’ and gets someone proposing to her in some lavish way (Vera Sidika, I am still praying for you and your parents). The evening ended with two very dear people to me, spending quality time with me. My best friends, my people, friends for years who complement my weaknesses; Danny and Zembi! I simply couldn’t ask for more.

After the year I had, I must say, this new year seems pretty promising! I am grateful for every message, gesture and effort anyone made to make this day so special! God bless you and I love you all. Lesson: Be happy, be optimistic and feel loved!


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