2015 life lessons

Someone once told me that the essence of life is in its highs and lows. You get the chance to look back one day and see why you had to be in certain situations. I recently listened to a speaker who mentioned that, we pray and ask God to give us something. God however, never gives hand outs. He puts everyone in situations that help breed the things we ask for. “Ask for patience and you get a long queue in the banking hall.” The answers to what we want in life are simple, but not easy. The only problem is, we have to FORCE ourselves to get there.

2015 has not really been a great year for me in terms of life experiences, but it has by far been a year of numerous life lessons. I did have a number of highs and lows…but again, this is the essence of life. I think a few things I take away from this year and would love to share with everyone are:

  • When you feel stuck, its a sign that your need for exploration is not being met. Your soul needs exploration and growth.
  • You have to break the vicious cycle you have had by getting out of your comfort zone. Choose next year, to do crazy new shit or same old shit! Your choice!
  • Get out of your head, get past your feelings, get out of your comfort zone and force yourself to act on what you really want!
  • The most important person to fall in love with, the person to marry, is yourself! Marry yourself for better or worse(worse being when you are broken, disappointed and at your lowest…love yourself the most when you feel worthless), in sickness and in health(nurse yourself like you would nurse a loved one) and to have and to hold(love yourself completely, such that you don’t need anyone to love you-self love)
  • You are your biggest critique! Learn to be your biggest cheer leader. People fill our heads with perceptions that we let define us! But the greatest people alive looked deeper and leaped! Your first decision is distorted by doubts and fears within 5 seconds. Act and fail, but act!

All this, easier said than done. I am barely half way done with implementing this list. But, what are friends for if not to inspire? Happy holidays!


















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