Mboch chronicles

I know I’ve been away for too long. Lets just say that 2015 was that year when ‘it rained and poured’ mercilessly! However, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. My experiences only add on to the stories I can tell people anyway, so win win! This is one of those 2015 ones. My 5 years of being a parent have shown me dust! Kulea kweli ndio kazi. Every mother has a mboch story. I have several, but this one ended my 2015 and started my 2016 in misery and amusement. I had a house help who I absolutely loved. She was in my home for 3 years and we only disagreed ONCE! Yes, ONCE! She was amazing. Everyone loved her, my baby being her number one fan.

We had lived together for so long, she was family. My siblings would tip her, my mum kept tabs on her, I even footed her hospital bills occasionally…only the best for Beatrice. One day, while driving into the estate from work, someone stopped me and asked, “Are you the lady who lives at the corner?”, I said yes. “Your house help has been moving around with a married man who lives in the estate and I think you should talk to her.” I was shocked, especially because she was so sweet and saved! I decided to address the issue with her, woman to woman. After our conversation, she swore she would make better choices and I felt at peace.

Much later, I was dropping my daughter off at school and she gave me a funny story! She mentioned that Beatrice had been taking her to Baba Christine’s house every day! I was furious. That was our first disagreement in 3yrs! I confronted her, and she swore that this would never happen again. I demanded that she keep her bad behaviour out of my child’s life and far away from my home area. This seemed clear. However, it did not stop her from dating this married man. I let her be. I mean, she is grown. When the year ended, I gave her her 2 weeks leave of which she was to resume from on 3rd of January. We waited…patiently…she even called and said she was on a bus to Nairobi…then she went off the grid…mteja!

I decided to prioritise my career and home, therefore, I hired someone else. The day before schools opened, I took my daughter to the estate hair dresser and she decides to fill me in on estate drama. Shock on me! She told me that Beatrice was back, living in our estate as Baba Christine’s new wife! I could not believe my ears. A few days later, I bump into the chic! Hahaha, you can imagine how furious I was. My friends laughed so hard about this saying that I should address her as ‘jirani wangu’ now! Eish, life has serious slaps! I wish her well in her marriage, but can someone train these chics to give notice or at least quit! Hahaha. Now Beatrice is my neighbour…literally moving on up!
























2 thoughts on “Mboch chronicles

  1. Moving on up; to the deeeeluxe apartment in the sky! Let jirani be. This is precisely how this should end – in Mboch chronicles as a tale to warn others not to get surprised when the micest, savedest on peeps fall on love


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