You won’t believe what I did the one time I went for the ASK show!

I was talking to a friend from church today, yapping about everything women can talk about in this world, and she asked about my daughter and how she is fairing. After all the chit chat, she asked me whether I am taking her for the Nairobi ASK show ama I’m those mum’s for nowadays. We just don’t do such things. Of course I am the latter. She went on to tell me how it was their thing when they were kids, as her mum got numerous tickets to attend this event.

So, it hit me. I have only been to one ASK show. It was the Nakuru ASK show, which I attended when in high school. You know, as a mum, I worry about my daughter. The thought of her doing even half of the things I did just scares me. I must say, I have grown a lot in my faith and as a woman, but I did do some hideous things that I am not ashamed to share. I embrace my past, hehehe! So as a Christian, I pray that she does 1% of the hideous things and leaves the rest woiyee…

I was in form 3 when I went for the show. Normally, teenagers go for those dancing sessions that are literally Sodom and Gomorra in the present day. Trevor Noah once described South Africa as that state where, while the whole world is going left, S.A goes right saying, “We will meet you there” (*insert South African accent). My friends and I were S.A. We decided to go to a stand written Trust condoms.

There were structures there that we clearly had never seen before, but we knew what they represented…and no, it is not the banana that home science teachers use in primary school when describing the parts of the body. So, this guy was using this structure to demonstrate how to put on a condom. When he asked for volunteers, we quickly dashed in and decided to spend an hour there showing other students how it’s done. As a reward, each one of us was given a pack of condoms to take home.

During the holidays, I found the condoms in my bag and tossed them in my clothes drawer and totally forgot about them. Schools re-opened and I went back to my usual mischief. On ‘the day for letters’, I got mail from my mum. Let me just say, she was having a heart attack on paper, asking me why I am sexually active at such a tender age! Ai, I was shocked. Sasa what kind of accusations were those yawa! Only to see that she mentioned bumping into a pack of condoms in my drawer, then I was like oops! I was hoping she was still alive by the time I replied to her letter from my school in Molo. Hahaha, mum, if you read this, pole for the mini heart attack. The fear of pregnancy and HIV would never let me dare go against your teachings at that point. Please note AT THAT POINT. Pembe hazikuwa zimemea vizuri!


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