First pregnancy scare!

For those who know me, you know I have no filter…to some extent. I have met crazier people lately. Anyway, so I have been raised by a single mother and my youngest sibling is 11 years older than me. Some topics were never discussed with ‘the baby’. My mum and I came to a decision that I join a boarding school in Nakuru in class 5, so she missed my adolescence stage a little bit. I was a little girl up until I came home one day and asked for boob tops and my mum realised, haiya…I am no longer a child.

So, I came home once and told her I like a certain boy! I think my mum has the smartest parenting skills I have ever encountered. When I told her about the boy, she was very cool, calm and collected. She asked what his name was, how old he was and why I liked him (the why was simply to know how far we had gone with this so called ‘puppy love’). She then proceeded to tell me that boys are nice, but they get girls pregnant and they spread HIV. I don’t know how many of you were made to watch that HIV video in class 6 or 7, but if you did, you can imagine the thoughts that went through my mind. So, the smartest thing she did was to leave the process of how boys get girls pregnant and spread HIV to my imagination.

So, I carried this with me all the way to form one. At this point, I was ‘dating’ my beloved Osman (may his soul rest in peace). I say ‘dating’ because, at that point, talking to a girl frequently meant you were dating (to me of course). As the first term of form 1 was coming to an end, he was so eager to see me. He schooled in Njoro and I was in Molo, so Nakuru was a central point. He wrote me a letter and told me that he couldn’t wait for school to close so we could meet at Molo line in Nakuru for him to give me a hug and buy me lunch at a restaurant that was next to Gilani’s supermarket, I cannot recall it’s name.

After reading that letter, I broke down and cried like a baby. I thought he was insane and he didn’t have my best interest at heart. I got to writing and responded to him. I was furious, at this point I knew it was over between us…I mean, how dare he! He finally wrote back, and he was literally laughing on that letter. He explained to me in a very gentle way that, there was no way on earth a hug would get me pregnant. Trust me, I knew that, home science taught us. But, my mum said that these things come with letting boys in. So…always listen to your mother.

When I told my mum this story, she burst out laughing. I was offended, I mean, why are you laughing at me?! 😦 . She told me that when she was 17, the exact same thing happened to her with her first love. He wrote her a letter and she knew right then and there that she was pregnant. It’s true when they say, like mother, like daughter. So naive hahahaha. But, she finally got to telling me how pregnancy and HIV come about and I abstained for a loooooong time!


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