A mad man whooped my behind!

My folks brought us up in Nairobi west for a while. Those were really good times. Playing bladder, pole pole, shake…these PS4 kids have no idea what they are missing yaani. We had this thing where, if you did not have a bike, you were not with it! You had to have a BMX! So, my old man gave me a proposal. If I become top 5 in school, he will buy me one. Trust me, I read! Waah! Anyway, so after getting the bike, cruising on it was just the bomb. The scramboz, racing with friends, running away from dogs on a bike…It was just cool.

There was this house at the corner. Their uncle was mentally unstable and they used to let him out in the morning and he would roam around all day. He had very dusty feet since he walked ALL DAY! We were afraid of him so we always ran away when we saw him. Now, the thing is, those BMX’s used to make us feel very awesome. Untouchable I guess. So, one afternoon while cruising on our bikes, hand free manenoz, my friend Marie and I spotted the guy. But since we were on bikes, we had confidence. So we rode past him shouting, “Dirty feet!” He heard, but didn’t do anything about it. I went back home and totally forgot about it.

We lived with a cousin of mine who had a son. He was just learning how to walk and I loved it! Having seen him grow from a month old to a walking baby was amazing. So, I took him out to take a walk as I went for milk at the shop. As I strolled through the hood with my nephew, I got close to this kastone where the hot dudes of the estate would chill and catch up. I walked past holding the baby’s hand as he took tiny little amateur steps then I heard someone come from behind and give me one very hard and dusty kick on my butt! The shock!

My heart started racing as I grabbed my behind from the pain. I turned to look at who did it, and I was very sure that I had rubbed all my bendings bets(for those who remember bendings! That game was just mean!). I saw the crazy guy behind me…Now, the kale in me came out with a bang! I ran…like took off, left the baby there screaming his head off, wondering what was happening. The dudes at the idlers corner were roaring with laughter. I was just pink from embarrassment and a stinging behind! Hee! I am horrified by crazy men ever since. I see them, I cross the road, walk into a shop or something. I just don’t know what to expect! I do want to apologize to the guy for being mean…but, I guess we are even, ama? Hahaha.



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